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Product Information:

It's time for a one of a kind adventure!  Dive in and explore the world of gem mining with Bongo's Gem Mine Adventure!  A unique experience, and one of a kind mobile gem mines is available for all types of functions.  From festivals to backyard parties to corporate events, this experience is sure to give your guest a experience they will remember.  Base package / deposit is $500 which includes the set up and break down of all the equipment and  two staff..  Up to 10 people can be exploring at the same time.  Whether you are using this as a fundraiser or a unique experience we offer all different types of packages and payment structures.  You can pay per person, or they can pay, or we can set it up for unlimited mining for a certain amount of hours.  Please contact our office for more information.  Each miner will receive  a bag of rough dirt which is guaranteed to have gems!  They will also receive a collection bag, and a identification card to identify the types of gems they find.   All of these will be theirs to take home and identify later!  The fun never ends and its nothing but Pure Fun!

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:


  • Prospector Gem Mine Bag 2lb

    This is for the Gem Mine Adventure  Each person will need at least one bag  Please allow at least one per person when ordering quantity.  Please make sure you book your quantity you need (15 days prior to your event)

    Gemstone mining bag including:

    • 3+oz. of gemstone mix
    • 2 lbs of sand
    • Educational gemstone ID postcard
    • Take home collection bag

    Blue clip on bag and blue tape on case
    30 per case

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